Laurentian Government

The cities of Eveleth, Gilbert, Mountain Iron and Virginia are each governed by their own publicly-elected city council members and mayor.

Police, fire and 911 emergency services are available to the residents of each community. The safety and well-being of citizens residing in the quad cities is of utmost importance, and it is reflected by the superior services offered.

Eveleth has a fully-staffed police department, a volunteer fire department and a paid-on-call ambulance service. Gilbert also serves its residents with police and fire protection. Mountain Iron works with the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office to provide quality law enforcement that meets the needs of its citizens. Additionally, Mountain Iron offers programs such as the Bike Safety Rodeo and D.A.R.E. It is also in the process of developing a crime prevention program with two deputies trained as crime specialists. Virginia’s fire department offers dedicated and highly educated cross-trained personnel who work 24-hour shifts to ensure rapid response and quality service. Their fire department employs 22 firefighters and paramedics and houses eleven fire, EMS, and special rescue vehicles. They work in conjunction with the Virginia Regional Medical Center, maintaining three Advanced Life Support ambulances serving Virginia and neighboring communities.

The quad cities offer other departments and groups implemented to assist residents. These include the Virginia Human Rights Commission, Human Resources and Safety, Neighborhood Watch.

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