Laurentian Chamber Welcome

The Laurentian Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer this Community Profile and Membership Directory to individuals and businesses considering our area for travel and relocation.


The Laurentian Chamber recognizes that a key element in the strength of our cities lies with each individual and business in our community. The willingness of people and businesses to work together and become involved builds invaluable relationships that help maintain the health and quality of life in our area.

As national and international corporations continue their interest and commitment in locating facilities in and around our area, the future economic landscape holds a wide range of new employment opportunities: a diversified, educated workforce, and further growth among our communities. The Laurentian Chamber is excited to be on the forefront of this growth and will continue to identify opportunities to serve business, industrial and civic interest in our region.

I hope you find the information in this directory helpful when considering us for your next community or vacation destination!

Jim Currie
Laurentian Chamber of Commerce

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