graphicCities served by the MetroNorth Chamber range from developed urban communities to small towns with rural charm.

Here's a quick overview:

(763) 755-5100
Population: 26,588
Area: 34.98 sq. mi.
Rapidly growing residential community with several convenient
shopping areas, fine schools, and 536 acres of parks.

(763) 576-2700
Population: 18,076
Area: 7.17 sq. mi.
Scenically situated at the confluence of two rivers, home of an active arts community and charming boutiques.

(763) 434-4366
Population: 443
Area: 0.92 sq. mi.
Small, tightly-knit town organized way back in 1858.

(763) 784-6700
Population: 44,942
Area: 34.02 sq. mi.
Boasts 1,200 businesses and a dozen industrial parks, in addition to 510 acres of city parks, 4,400 acres of wetlands, and world-class golf and soccer facilities.

(651) 429-8629
Population: 3,202
Area: 2.41 sq. mi.
Quiet, neighborly small-town lifestyle on the shores of two lakes, but convenient to Interstate 35-E.

Circle Pines
(763) 784-5898
Population: 4,663
Area: 1.95 sq. mi.
Originally developed as an experiment in cooperative
community organization after World War II. A small
residential suburb with one-third of its land devoted to parks and open spaces.

Columbia Heights
(763) 782-2800
Population: 18,520
Area: 3.55 sq. mi.
An established suburb on the border with Minneapolis having a healthy mixture of residential, industrial, and business development.

Coon Rapids
(763) 755-2880
Population: 61,607
Area: 23.34 sq. mi.
A vibrant community with commercial, office, and industrial facilities as well as major shopping areas. Located along the Mississippi, Coon Rapids boasts 750 acres of city parks as well as two large county parks and the 1,600 acre Bunker Hills Regional Park.

East Bethel
(763) 434-9569
Population: 10,941
Area: 48.05 sq. mi.
East Bethel's residents enjoy large home sites and extensive wetland and wildlife areas. A sizable commercial/retail center is also being developed.

(763) 571-3450
Population: 27,449
Area: 10.89 sq. mi.
A city since 1847 (the year Minnesota became a territory), Fridley mixes residential neighborhoods, businesses, and high-tech industries. It also makes room for 38 parks, four natural history areas, and the 127-acre Springbrook Nature Center containing rare and endangered species.

Ham Lake
(763) 434-9555
Population: 12,710
Area: 35.70 sq. mi.
Combines rural amenities, low taxes, and large park areas, including a county park on the lake that gives the city its name. Highway 65 provides shopping, industrial sites, and convenient access to the rest of the Metro area.

(763) 571-2023
Population: 766
Area: 0.13 sq. mi.
Originally a dairy farm, then a golf course, the City of Hilltop is now a residential area consisting of mobile homes, conveniently located close to the northern border of Minneapolis.

(763) 784-2792
Population: 2,214
Area: 0.69 sq. mi.
Bounded on the east by its namesake, Lexington Avenue, this compact city offers its residents a rustic lifestyle just 15 miles north of Minneapolis.

Lino Lakes
(651) 982-2400
Population: 16,791
Area: 33.21 sq. mi.
A residential community on a chain of 13 lakes boasting 13 city parks, a regional park, trails, and golf course, as well as several business developments and a carefully-planned Town Center.

Mounds View
(763) 717-4000
Population: 12,738
Area: 4.13 sq. mi.
Although Mounds View lies in Ramsey County, not Anoka County, it's part of the area the MetroNorth Chamber serves. The city got its name from the awesome mounds of sand and gravel that once rose in its northwest corner, but which have since largely been removed.

Oak Grove
(763) 753-1920
Population: 6,903
Area: 35.01 sq. mi.
A scenic and rural residential area graced by the Rum River and many oak trees, with 100 acres slated for commercial development.

(763) 427-1410
Population: 18,510
Area: 29.74 sq. mi.
From its exciting commercial and industrial development along Highway 10 (the fastest-growing corridor in the state) to the spacious hobby farms in the north, Ramsey has the best of both urban and country living.

St. Francis
(763) 753-2630
Population: 4,910
Area: 23.73 sq. mi.
This former sawmill town provides scenic serenity, a lively business community, and ample recreational activities. Home of Minnesota's first consolidated school in 1911, St. Francis is still reputed to have one of the best school systems in the state.

Spring Lake Park
(763) 784-6491
Population: 6,772
Area: 2.09 sq. mi.
Small-town charm on the edge of the City, with a variety of commercial and industrial development and six community parks.

Townships in the MetroNorth area are brimming with wide open spaces poised on the brink of growth and development

(763) 441-1347
Population: 3,557
Area: 35.18 sq. mi.

(651) 464-3120
Population: 3,957
Area: 47.81 sq. mi.

(651) 462-2812
Population: 4,668
Area: 35.9 sq. mi.


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