graphicAs you would expect, the 430 square miles that make up Anoka County include just about every variety of housing, lifestyle, and neighborhood.
The inner-ring suburbs feature small city lots, established utility systems, and convenience to shopping. Farther out,
minimum lot size is maybe an acre, and still farther out, 10 acres in size. In exchange for the pleasures of country living, you'll find that shopping requires more of a drive, and you'll be responsible for your own on-site water and septic systems. Both lifestyles have their distinct advantages.

In deciding where to live, new residents should pay attention to the boundaries of the MUSA (Metropolitan Urban Services Area). Some people prefer to live within the area covered by city water and sewer systems; others prefer to avoid the higher land costs and smaller lot sizes that go with them. Every community has been required to file a comprehensive plan with the Metropolitan Council outlining its development plans for the next couple of decades, including the areas that will be covered by city utilities. Copies of each city's comprehensive plan are available at the local city hall. A quicker way to get familiar with the area is to consult a local Realtor.
The wide variety of lifestyles available here is one of the attractions that has made Anoka County the third most densely populated county in the state (after Hennepin and Ramsey), and one of the fastest growing.


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