Welcome to Northeast Minneapolis! Here, you’ll find a community rich with character, history, entrepreneurship, social service, and creativity.

From our community’s early beginnings along the Mississippi River, people came to build their businesses and live here. As the community grew, our neighborhoods webbed outward from the river. Soon, Northeast was sprinkled with houses, churches and neighborhood businesses while industry—like the railroads
and lumberyards—took root.

Today, Northeast Minneapolis is a medley of ethnicities, businesses, restaurants, parks, and art. Our streets are full of surprises, like the gallery you’ll stumble upon in the middle of a residential block or the charming coffeehouse that’s tucked inside a warehouse. It’s a place where large businesses have built thriving enterprises, while small business ventures continue to take flight.

We boast an unprecedented pride in and commitment to our community. It remains a place where people are engaged in their community, and that’s where the Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce helps, by connecting business-owners and residents with one another. Whether you’re interested in living or doing business here—or both—this community profile is designed to help you learn more about the wealth of resources and opportunities that exist in this unique, beautiful place.

The Chamber has over 200 members, each listed at the back of this community profile. We hope that you will keep this book filed on your bookshelf, referencing it when you have a business need or to quench a thirst fueled by the special character of Northeast.

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