Northeast Minneapolis is a unique corner of the city known for its industrial and immigrant heritage. In the early days, immigrant populations were sprinkled throughout Minneapolis with Polish, Ukrainian, Lebanese and German communities anchored in Northeast. The identity of the area is forever tied to these oldest immigrant communities who built churches, schools, service organizations, and businesses that have long remained.

The area is currently experiencing a fantastic revitalization with its old warehouses and factories being put to new use. Communities of young families, professionals, artists, and immigrants have arrived in Northeast, with new traditions and entrepreneurial dreams.

Artists and immigrants are of particular importance to the community’s growth. Artists bring economic and creative energy in the form of galleries, public artwork, and small businesses. At the same time, sizeable Arab, East Indian, Latin, and Asian populations are settling in Northeast Minneapolis neighborhoods, bringing new languages and businesses to its streets.

The 2000 Census shows a diverse population residing in Northeast Minneapolis with significant populations of white, black, American Indian and Asian residents. Nearly 60 percent of Northeast residents own their homes. Just over 20 percent of Northeast households are home to at least one school-aged child.

Northeast restaurants like Nye’s, Totino’s, Emily’s, Jax Café, Marino’s, Elsie’s, and Stasiu’s are among the area’s most beloved institutions. These restaurants lure visitors from throughout the Twin Cities to Northeast, where the streets are filled with economic, ethnic and creative energy. As you turn these pages, you will go beyond the famous restaurants to learn more about this remarkable corner of the city.

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