The oldest homes in Northeast can be found in areas nearest the Mississippi River. These homes were built 1900-1920. You can recognize them for their front porches and stained glass windows. The layouts of all these homes are quite similar. Generally, after entering through the front door you’ll find yourself in a living room area. Look off to the side of the room to see an open staircase, leading to three upstairs bedrooms and one bath.

As you move further east, away from the river, you encounter an increasing number of 1920’s era bungalow homes. The Windom Park Neighborhood is concentrated with such homes. Hard wood was plentiful and inexpensive during this era, so these outwardly modest, one-level homes are loaded with beautiful, built-in wood buffets and cabinetry.

Northeast’s newest homes, built after 1940, are modern with spacious, varied layouts and less woodwork. Most recently, developers have built loft condominiums and apartments along the river with grand picture windows and high ceilings. Examples include the Bottineau Lofts on 2nd Street and Holland Neighborhood condos on Jackson Street. In some instances, these bright and airy homes offer spectacular views of St. Anthony Falls and downtown Minneapolis while adding to the vitality of Northeast’s oldest neighborhoods by attracting new residents.

Although Northeast is short on high-rises, apartment living is plentiful in the area. Renters who favor living in quaint, close-knit communities find themselves right at home. Many owner-occupied duplexes or four-plexes are available. Some homeowners make upstairs mother-in-law apartments available to renters. In some instances, warehouses and factories have been converted into open living areas. These rental units include a wealth of senior and assisted-living options. Renters can check local listings in the Northeaster newspaper or on bulletin boards at area coffeehouses to find the place that suits their sensibilities.

Housing in Northeast is in great demand as the area continues to thrive both socially and economically. Single family homes in Northeast are currently fetching, on average, $185,364. Bungalow homes are especially popular due to the gorgeous, ornate woodwork found inside. Northeast families tend to have a high rate of long-term residence; some homes have been inhabited by multiple generations of the same family. Thus, Northeast homes have a tradition of being well-preserved and retaining their classic character. While outside, the front yards and lawns are renowned for being the most meticulously manicured in the city!

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