In years past, parks, churches, and theaters were the place to be. After school, children flocked to city
parks to play sports or participate in community sings. Northeast’s churches organized festivals and bazaars well attended by parishioners and the community members. Everyone flocked to the old movie houses and theaters like the Hollywood on Johnson Street or the Ritz on 13th Avenue.

Some of these old traditions remain strong. The community maintains a vast, spectacular system of parks, thanks to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. The parks are home to many beloved Northeast traditions such as the Windom Park Ice Cream Social, an annual community event that welcomes summer and gets neighbors in that community out to meet one another.

Community organizations and churches host festivals that bring the community together, strengthening residents’ bonds with one another. The Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce sponsors the Celebrate Northeast Parade, a parade down Central Avenue every June, which is in its 75th year. Newer traditions include the farmers’ market organized by the Eastside Food Cooperative; Art Attack; and The SNO BALL dance.

Although Northeast’s old theaters currently sit vacant, there are plans underway to revive historic playhouses in the area such as the Hollywood and Ritz Theaters.

Countless neighborhood and community celebrations happen in Northeast throughout the year. Check out an issue of the Northeaster newspaper to learn about upcoming events and happenings

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