During the first half of the twentieth century, railroads and lumberyards were shaping what Northeast Minneapolis was to become. These industries fueled the area with jobs and incomes. Siwek Lumber & Millwork, Inc. and Soo Line Railroad (later the Canadian Pacific Railway) were the first big employers in Northeast. When the big companies had paydays, all the smaller businesses and shops along Central Avenue and Marshall Streets reaped the benefits.

Smaller businesses truly have been the lifeline of Northeast, filling its many scattered, disparate business districts. East Hennepin was one of the first, a busy district until the 1960’s that, after over 30 quiet years, is finally seeing revitalization. In the old days, East Hennepin was known for its furniture and grocery stores. Today the street is lined with a new generation of restaurants and retailers.

Businesses with great longevity are a staple in Northeast. Old restaurants and stores, like Sentyrz Grocery and Liquor and Marino’s Restaurant, still thrive here. Ready Meats on Johnson Street has been selling Swedish sausage, lutefisk, pickled herring, and other Scandinavian delights since 1946. Northeast Bank has served families and businesses in the community for over 50 years and now has three locations.

The community embraces large corporations, like Xcel and Quest, who have built offices here. But the entrepreneurial spirit that inspired Northeast’s first settlers still burns strong. From Internet start-ups
and technology firms to freelance artists and restauranteurs, the community pulses with opportunity for small business.

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