graphicIn the early twentieth century in Northeast Minneapolis, city parks were the center of a young person’s existence. Parks were a place where people could play sports, participate in dance recitals and pageants, listen to live music, or roughhouse with friends. But as movies and cars gained popularity mid-century, the parks gradually fell out of favor with young people.

In this new century, there is a renewed interest in the parks. The Minneapolis park system is a nationally recognized system of neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and trails. In Northeast, the park experience begins at the river and reaches outward, much like the area itself. A six-mile stretch of trail runs along the Mississippi River in Northeast, featuring dramatic views of St. Anthony Falls and the Minneapolis skyline. The trail is part of the Grand Rounds, a 50-mile network of trails that take walkers, bikers, and skaters on a tour of the city’s waterways.

From there, you can weave into Northeast’s neighborhoods to find parks both big and small. As it is with the entire city of Minneapolis, every home in Northeast is within one mile of a city park. This progressive system strengthens the bonds of an already tight-knit community by providing each residential neighborhood with a natural gathering area. Established in 1883, Logan Park is the area’s oldest park. Today it features a recreation center with youth sports, a basketball court, a craft room, and a gymnasium. Northeast also houses two golf courses, a dog park, an ice arena, the Jim Lupient Water Park, the rugby fields at Columbia Park, and countless soccer, softball, baseball, and football fields.



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