Healthcare was a community affair in Northeast during the early part of the twentieth century. Some religious and social service institutions partnered with new mothers to care for infants and children while others took on the task of caring for the sick, poor, and elderly. Some of the healthcare institutions that are most deeply rooted in the community are Christian nursing homes. Grace Manor and Catholic Eldercare have strong, faith-based traditions of caring for seniors in the community, Grace Manor since 1915 and Catholic Eldercare since 1980.

Northeast has a wealth of social service organizations, reflecting the community’s legacy of neighborly care. East Side Neighborhood Services is the oldest social service organization in the community. Since 1915, they have helped immigrant, refugee, and low-income individuals achieve a higher quality of life by offering financial, educational, and health services. Other local service organizations with long histories in our community include: Love Lines Crisis Center, a 24-hour Christian crisis center; Northeast Dinner Bell, a meals-on-wheels program that brings hot meals to residents who are
disabled or elderly; and PPL, an organization dedicated to creating affordable housing and providing job training for individuals with low incomes. All have provided their services since the early 1970’s. Northeast youth and seniors in need also benefit from the work of local chapters of YMCA and Salvation Army.

Northeast Minneapolis is next door to some of the finest healthcare in the world. Fairview-University Medical Center, a leading transplant center and children’s hospital, is located one mile down the river from Northeast Minneapolis. The Fairview Northeast Clinic is a family practice clinic that connects our community to this cutting-edge care.

Northeast also has locally-grown healthcare organizations that reflect upon the unique interests of our community. The Art of Chiropractic integrates the community’s healthcare needs with its interest in the arts by providing chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, nutrition, and yoga services within a gallery-like environment that showcases the work of local artists. Northeast also boasts a healthy collection of family-owned and operated clinics, such as Warpeha Prosthodontic Dental Clinic, a three generation business that specializes in reconstructive dentistry using crowns and bridges, implants and dentures.

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