The Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce maintains extraordinarily close relationships with the lawmakers who represent its members.

Our closest government allies are Minneapolis City Council President Paul Ostrow and Council Member Don Samuels. Council President Ostrow represents Ward 1, encompassing the bulk of Northeast Minneapolis, including the corridor along Central Avenue and Northeast’s newly created Arts District. Don Samuels represents Ward 3, which includes Northeast neighborhoods along the river and closest to downtown.

Additionally, the Chamber maintains ties with the Second Precinct Police Department, local fire stations, and state lawmakers who represent the area, including State Senator Larry Pogemiller and Representatives Len Biernat and Phyllis Kahn.

“The history of Northeast is one of immigration and
people striving to attain the economic and social dreams of America. It has been and continues to be a cultural melting pot of people with a robust work ethic and
strong family and religious values.” - Senator Larry Pogemiller, District 59.

“There has always been a very strong sense of community in Northeast Minneapolis. Residents of Northeast Minneapolis see themselves as living in a unique community with a treasured past and a community which itself strengthens the city of Minneapolis as a whole.” - Council President Paul Ostrow, Ward 1

“The Chamber has been at the heart of the revival of Central Avenue, and has been the primary catalyst for overall development of Northeast Minneapolis. The members participate on an extremely active level, and their leadership, Maude Lovelle, has been highly capable, and generally invaluable. The Northeast Minneapolis Chamber of Commerce is an enormous asset to the third ward.” - Council Member Don Samuels, Ward 3

“Northeast Minneapolis is rediscovering its roots. The community is undergoing a renaissance that honors our traditions and values that shaped its character 100 years ago. Today, as then, new immigrants are arriving to change the face of our neighborhoods. The new stores and cultures reflect a growing energy in Northeast, just
as my father’s grocery store and butcher shop did in 1918.” - Representative Len Biernat, District 59A.

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