Maple Grove

graphicMaple Grove, with a population of 52,000, is located 20 miles northwest of downtown Minneapolis and is one of the state’s fastest-growing communities and most dynamic cities. Strong city management and an excellent location has allowed for high-quality residential, commercial, and industrial growth to take place. The northwestern, western and southwestern portions of the city still have a unique rural flavor. Due to the expansion of the Metropolitan Urban Service Area, further residential development will take place and remain strong. Residential development will involve both single or family attached and detached apartments, and multi-family apartments.

The city has an exceptional parks system with 39 developed parks, 10 linear parks, five conservatories, 26 miles of trails and three regional parks. Maple Grove is blessed with excellent recreational areas, numerous lakes and quality tree protection areas.

While residential and industrial development is strong, the city has seen a great increase in commercial activity with a variety of services. The city has major shopping areas such as Arbor Lakes, Maple Crossings, and Grove Square. Maple Grove is also home to many regional, national, and international firms such as SciMed Life Systems, Gannett Offset, Lumonics, World Aerospace, The Printer Inc. of MN, Data Recognition Corporation, REO Plastics, and Tennant Corp. to name only a few. Maple Grove has a unique opportunity most cities never experience and that is the opening of 2,000 acres of former and present gravel mining area for residential, commercial, recreational, industrial and public uses. This land is located along the major transportation systems of Highway 169 and Interstate Freeways 94/694/494.

Maple Grove is truly one of Minnesota’s most exciting cities.

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