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K-12 Education
Educational opportunities in Richfield serve all ages. We are fortunate to have day care sites, Montessori schools, parochial schools, private schools and post-secondary schools to augment a fine K-12 public school system.

Richfield Public Schools serve approximately 4,100 students in 10 schools — all with free busing. The district touts free all-day kindergarten and a dual language curriculum as well. Approximately 50 percent of the students at this school speak Spanish as their native language and 50 percent speak English — the ultimate goal is that by the time students reach 5th grade they are proficient in two languages. Another elementary is a STEM school — Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics — which means the curriculum allows for a deeper exploration of the sciences and mathematics.

Supplementing each school’s core curriculum is special programming such as: applied academics in physical education, health, music, Spanish, family and consumer science, art, technology education and computer skills. Richfield's Wood Lake Nature Center provides environmental studies, honors, advanced placement or college credit core curriculum, with additional college credit and certificate programs in business/marketing/technology and industrial education.

In addition to academic offerings, the district’s options for co-curricular activities include 25 interscholastic athletic programs and more than 20 other activities; about 80 percent of graduates pursue postsecondary education.

Private education options are available in Richfield as well with programs and instruction equal in quality to those of the public schools. The city is home to several faith-based K-8 elementary schools, and one high school; several schools offer learning in specialized areas.

In addition to the public and private education options available to Richfield families, the city also features a public charter school which offers an extended day for its K-6 students, with heavy emphasis on reading and math. The school provides special accommodations to those who do not speak English at home.


Other Educational Opportunities
Early childhood education is bolstered in Richfield by the presence of many fine Montessori schools and day care centers that prepare children for entrance to formal education.

The city is home to an inclusive early childhood center serving children who have typical needs and children who have special needs as well as a school that offers programming to teach vocational and life skills to young adults who have disabilities or autism spectrum disorders live independently.

Post-secondary education options are available in Richfield as well — the schools offer both day and evening classes and accommodate both full- and part-time students. Many classes are offered online to allow students to participate in individualized distance learning as well.

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