graphicIn the City of White Bear Lake, large elegant homes stand on wooded lots. Mansions grace the shoreline, the peninsula and Manitou Island, and smaller in-town homes line the streets. The homes range in price from $100,000 to $1 million.

In Mahtomedi, median home values range from $174,000 to $243,000 depending upon the age and size of the home. Vadnais Heights offers homebuyers a large selection of housing from detached single-family starter homes to posh executive estates as well as duplexes, townhomes and condominiums. graphic

In the Hugo area, over 600 new homes are being built as the community grows from a rural town into a suburban residential community. Despite the continuous growth and development of these communities, the acclaimed schools and the serenity and beauty of the area continue to attract new residents each year, and homes sell very quickly.

Two years ago, Northeast Metro 916 and Mike Smozk, in conjunction with Century College, began a program to provide high school juniors and seniors in technical programs with skills to work in the construction industry. This fantastic opportunity is made possible through the combined efforts of local businessmen and educators.

Pratt Homes, a local builder, was instrumental in helping to get the program on its feet. The 916 Foundation supports vocational and special education programs and has supplied tools and safety equipment for the program. It also provides grants for autistic and other students with special needs. graphic

This year, four students from the Northeast Metro 916 were awarded $1,000 scholarships for post-secondary technical education.Participants are drawn from 10 different member schools, and last year, they came together to build and sell a home in Vadnais Heights. This year, they have another currently for sale in Mahtomedi. The funds from the sale go back into the program so that future students can have the same rewarding experience. The student-built homes stand proudly among the array of others that make up White Bear Lake and the surrounding communities.



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