graphicOf course, our location in Kandiyohi County surrounded by a multitude of recreational lakes, recreational trails, and good, workable soil provides the natural foundation for success. And citizens here have capitalized on the opportunities: The City of Willmar has enjoyed a 10 percent population boom between censuses, and the city’s employment jumped nearly 50 percent during this time. Diversity is the key – Willmar’s residents reflect Caucasian, Black, American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, and Somalian cultures, with many families claiming two or more races.

No wonder we’ve been dubbed the 19th most livable micropolitan city in the nation in Life in America’s Small Cities, and made Demographics Daily’s "dream town" list. The latter assessed Willmar positively in each of its eight criteria: vitality, supply of good jobs, freedom from stress, connection to cultural mainstream, support for schools, access to health care, low cost of living, and small-town character.

graphicYet it’s not enough to rest on yesterday’s accomplishments. Our community leaders gladly share their vision for where they are actively steering Willmar in every decision they make. By the year 2020, Willmar will -

• boast a new transportation system
• act as a hub for a coordinated regional healthcare system for West Central Minnesota
• continue to connect to the world through telecommunications, technology and transportation services
• celebrate a multi-cultural population where all residents know their value and active role in their slice of the world
• support leaders who solicit community involvement on an on-going basis
• offer flexible, bilingual and accessible learning for all generations, in an effort to encourage life-long learning.

We’ve reserved a hearty welcome and a role for you in this vital future, whether your stay spans a few hours or several generations.

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