graphicWillmar leaders stand ready with a multitude of financing programs – Industrial Initiatives Loan Program, Revolving Loan Fund, and the Entrepreneurs’ Revolving Loan Fund – to assist businesses. Residents can readily see the payoff in strong numbers of employers already established in the area.

Overall, 21,444 of the 22,103 available workers find meaningful employment within Kandiyohi County’s borders. Services lead the industry categories, followed by government, retail trade, manufacturing, wholesale trade, construction, finance/real estate, and transportation/communication/utilities. Overall, professional skills such as systems analysts command $23.37 an hour in our state, while general managers and top executives bring home $20.02 per hour. Accountants/auditors average $15.32 per hour; sales reps earn $19.75. In the big picture, Willmar offers a per capita income above the micropolitan median for the country.

graphicWillmar scores a perfect grade when it comes to sidestepping potentially dangerous waste sites and sub-standard air quality. Wells provide the main water source, with a pumping capacity of 6,000 gallons per minute. Industrial water costs hover at $1.10 per 1,000 gallons; wastewater treatment is an affordable $2.30 per 1,000 gallons.

Other business attractions include our communications infrastructure. As an equal access market, we’ve attracted current technologies such as ISDN, T1, and fiber optics lines, provided by several companies to encourage service and price satisfaction. Our three banks provide an exceptionally strong lending base, too.

Overall, Willmar uses tax increment financing for qualified economic and development projects. The utilities company extends a five-year rate incentive program, and the city offers business loans below market rate.

On the Drawing Board

Willmar’s Vision 2020 Plan envisions these progressive steps in our business future:

• revitalization of downtown
• land use that preserves agricultural land and open space
• transportation options other than auto
• renewable energy
• economic development of sustainable technology
• a consortium of business, industry, government and education to contribute financial and human resources to active recruitment of high tech, low polluting and high salary businesses
• entice more minority professionals
• attract opportunities focused on exporting goods and services


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