graphicWillmar is run by a mayor and council that oversees a $13.2 million budget. Moody’s city bond rating is an A. The City Council’s Planning Commission approves all industrial plans to fit the comprehensive land use plan. The city also operates a recycling program.

The city enjoys a lower per capita crime rate than Minnesota’s average, thanks in large part to many community-based crime prevention programs such as Crime Free Multi-housing, P.O.W., DARE, and Neighborhood Watch. Since 1995, our police department reports a 29 percent decrease in overall reported crime; 36 percent drop in serious crimes. Violent crimes are much lower than the national average – 266 per 100,000 versus 716 elsewhere – and juvenile crime is rarer here than in other Minnesota towns. Part of the credit goes to a police and sheriff department that staffs a total of 89 officers on a full-time basis.

The fire department, too, puts its best foot forward with three full-time professionals and 45 volunteers.

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