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Residential Life

Residential Life

For more than 150 years, Winona residents have taken pleasure in living in this beautiful island city. The beauty of the natural world is today combined with modern conveniences to create an amazing quality of life that effectively balances the old and the new. Located between the banks of the Mississippi River and picturesque, wooded bluffs, it is very evident why this lovely place was chosen first by the Dakota Indians and eventually caught the eye of early settlers who were eager to come here and claim their land. Winona has certainly continued to grow and today is a thriving, ever-changing city that embraces diversity while still holding tightly to its small-town flavor. Our city is large enough to support a wide variety of local, national and international businesses as well as three institutions of higher education, yet it remains small enough to call home.

As a city, Winona was booming in the mid-1800s, as the visionaries of the day stepped up and made their mark. As a result, Winona has one of the most beautiful collections of restored Queen Anne Victorian style homes, which are still standing proudly today, scattered throughout the whole of our downtown streets. Many of these are on the National Register of Historic Homes. Our growth definitely did not stop there and so we also have homes that represent every decade and style, including simple, symmetrical Colonial Revival homes, Frank Lloyd Wright’s horizontal lines, Bungalows and Modernist and Post-Modern houses. We have everything from traditional Colonial and Cape Cod houses to newer homes that are borrowing details from these older gems and combining them with modern features. Visitors now come from all across the nation to marvel at our vast collection of homes and business buildings that line our historic downtown streets and represent the best in the architectural styling of each era.


Tight-knit neighborhoods can also be found overlooking the city, on top of the bluffs and in our cozy, wooded valleys. Newly built houses continue to fill these areas as more and more people begin to call Winona their home. Integrated within all of our neighborhoods you will also find a wide range of apartments and rentals that offer living at an equitable monthly price. Winona also has a variety of options for our retiring residents; everything from new, state-of-the-art retirement communities to facilities that can assist with medical professionals on staff. Here in Winona, we pride ourselves on having a little bit of something for everyone.

Even in the midst of all this growth, Winona has truly remained secure in its small-town neighborhood feel where, on any given sunny day, you will find multiple generations interacting on the front porch, at the local diner or down at the boat house. Residents today can still experience the comfortable lifestyle of times gone by while also having access to all of the modern conveniences available. Parents can be sure that their children will grow up in a safe environment where people still look out for each other.

Every season brings about its own beauty here in Winona and residents are eager to get outside and experience it, no matter what the temperature. In the summer months, residents take advantage of an array of recreational activities such as biking, hiking, canoeing or kayaking on Lake Winona, gardening and swimming at the Bob Welch Aquatic Center. Also during the spring and summer months Winonans enjoy all of the fun activities that the Mississippi River provides to us. Our residents love to spend time with their families playing in the river, fishing, lounging, skiing and tubing.

Even when the weather turns colder there are still many opportunities for recreation, entertainment, sightseeing and unique shopping around town. Winona has its Frozen River Film Festival, many outdoor ice rinks, trails for cross-country skiing and snowmobiling and a large population of bald eagles that settle along the river, providing hours of enjoyment to all who have the pleasure of witnessing their graceful presence.

Winona is truly the perfect blend of city amenities and small-town ambiance. Nestled in the Mississippi River bluffs, it has grown into a flourishing community rich with warm hospitality, where every generation has made its mark and worked hard to make Winona a great place to raise a family, operate a business or just enjoy life!

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