White sandy beaches edge the coastline, and U.S. Highway 90 offers a virtually unobstructed view of sea and sky. Centuries-old live oaks line the highway.

The coast’s 26-mile beach, built in 1952, is the longest man-made beach in the world, and is available for the public’s enjoyment. A pedestrian pathway of sidewalks and boardwalks make the beach easy to enjoy and explore. Offshore, magnificent beaches await on a chain of pristine barrier islands.

The Gulf offers endless opportunities for outdoor fun. For an exciting seafaring venture, charter an outing on the Biloxi Shrimping Trip, or Impulsive Charters. Go parasailing or take a ride on a shrimp trawler. Or, choose a dolphin-watching tour — with the world’s largest population of bottlenose dolphins residing here, you’re virtually assured a good look at these delightful creatures.

graphicSeveral prestigious fishing tournaments take place here every year, and the area is popular with amateur anglers as well. On deep-sea charters, anglers can try to land mackerel, snapper, grouper, and other sport fish. Local folks also enjoy fishing and crabbing along the shoreline and municipal piers, or wetting a line in one of the many coastal streams.

The scenic Wolf River is a popular waterway for canoeing and kayaking. Rented kayaks are also available for exploring Biloxi’s Deer Island, the coastal salt marshes, and scenic river backwaters.

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