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City of Madison Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection

Q. How do I prepare my garbage and what time does it need to be put out?

A. All garbage must be placed in containers or bags. Weight of a container and its contents shall not exceed seventy five (75) pounds. You must have your garbage and recycle out at the curb by 7:00 a.m. sharp. This is very important, because of possible changes with Waste Management’s schedules, which could result in them being at your house earlier than the previous collection day. Yard waste must be located next to the trash can.

Q. On which holidays will there be “no” garbage, recycle or yard waste collections?

A. New Years Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, these holidays will not be rescheduled. If one of your collection days falls on one of these holidays, your garbage and/or recycle will be collected on your next scheduled collection day.

Q. Does Waste Management collect hazardous waste such as motor oil, gasoline, paint and paint cans?

A. No, Waste Management does not collect any hazardous waste; however, if the empty paint cans are dry they may be placed next to your garbage can with the lids off of them. You may contact the Jackson Environmental Service Center at 601-960-0000 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. for more information on proper disposal of household hazardous waste.

Q. How do I prepare my yard waste?

A. Under the Garbage Collection & Recycling Program the city’s waste management contractor is responsible for removing all yard waste that meets specific criteria concerning weight, length and packaging. Yard waste such as leaves, trimmings and pine straw must be placed in bags and tied. These bags cannot weight more than seventy five (75) lbs. Tree trimmings and branches must be cut to lengths of no longer that six (6) feet and be no greater than ten (10) inches in diameter and be less than seventy five (75) lbs. in weight. Yard waste and tree trimmings must be placed directly on the curb, where you place your trash can. When a homeowner hires a professional landscaper or tree service, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to have the company employed haul off all debris to a certified landfill. If a homeowner performs yard work and is unable properly prepare their yard waste for pick up by the waste management contractor, the City of Madison provides one chipper truck and one knuckle boom truck to assist. To properly manage the city, Public Works has divided the city into seven (7) areas and runs them in successive order. Depending on the time of year and weather if can take up to six (6) weeks to complete a full cycle. In order to serve everyone equally, we travel every street in each area similar to the garbage truck route.

Q. How do I dispose of large appliances such as a stove, dishwasher, washer, dryer, or large furniture such as a couch, mattress and box spring?

A. These items will be picked up by Waste Management at no additional charge. Please call Waste Management’s customer service at 601-922-9647 to schedule your pick up of these items.

Q. How do I dispose of refrigerators, air conditioning units, freezers and other appliances with refrigerant systems.

A. You must have the chlorofluorocarbons (this is commonly referred to as Freon) removed from the refrigerant system by a certified repairman. The unit must be tagged with a certification of removal. Once the Freon is removed Waste Management will pick up these items at no additional cost. Please call Waste Management’s customer service center at 601-922-9647 to schedule your pick up of these items.

Q. Which recycle items does Waste Management pick up?

A. Cardboard, magazines, office paper, brown paper bags, newspapers including flyers (sales ads), paperboard, dairy & juice containers, junk mail, phonebooks, plastic bottles & containers, aluminum cans, aluminum cans, aluminum foil, pie tins, and tin or steel cans. At this time glass and glass products are not picked up to be recycled.

Q. Are there any specific instructions regarding recyclable items?

A. Please crush all plastic containers, aluminum and metal cans and flatten cardboard. Remove all food waste or foam containers.

Q. How do I dispose of construction debris, fencing or roofing materials?

A. Neither the City of Madison nor Waste Management will pick up any construction debris, carpeting and/or building materials. You must make your own arrangements to have these items removed.

Q. Where can I pick up a recycle bin?

A. At the Public Service Complex located at 1239 Highway 51, in the Public Works Department.

Madison County Road Department provides a drop off location for refrigerators, air conditioners and/or freezers. Freon must be removed by a certified repairman and tagged before a refrigerator, air conditioner and/or freezer can be dropped off. You may also drop off tires (limit 4 tires per household) at no fee. This service is only for those residents who live inside Madison County, you may contact them directly at 601-855-5670

If you have any further questions please call Madison Public Works at 601-856-8958 or Waste Management at 601-922-9647.

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