Homebuyers find a generous inventory of housing choices in Columbia-Marion County. Whether they're first-time homebuyers, families or retirees, they'll find a special residence that satisfies their needs. There are over 10,000 homes situated throughout the county, with approximately 7,506 of those homes owned, and 1,830 housing units being rented (as of the year 2000).

Marion County has a real estate market that will fit your budget and location needs. The average housing value is near $60,000, compared to Mississippi's average of $92,000.

The choices are endless. Potential buyers can choose from starter homes, luxury homes or apartments. There are homes that include a lot of acreage for those who like to have some privacy, or homes that are located on smaller lots. Apartment living is also available within the county at an average price of $241.

There are many well-rated facilities to fit the needs of senior citizens. No matter your preference, Marion County is sure to fit your living needs with endless options available to you and your family. Mixed with a low cost of living, good schools and a family-friendly environment, Marion County is truly a great place to call home.

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