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Several top-notch medical centers in and around the area provide quality healthcare to residents of Carthage. McCune-Brooks Hospital will complete construction and relocate to a new state-of-the-art facility by the end of 2007. The hospital offers numerous community-based programs and its medical services are comprised of physical therapy, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, palliative care, radiology, respiratory care, gynecological care and more. A 24-hour Emergency Room is also available to Carthage and its neighboring municipalities. Other medical facilities around the area include Freeman Health System and St. John’s Regional Medical Center, both in Joplin.

The Community Clinic is also accessible to residents in the area. The Clinic, situated at 800 Grant Street, opens its doors to the public Tuesday evenings, providing free healthcare for those patients who are eligible.


A wide-range of rehabilitation services are afforded in the community—Carthage Health & Rehabilitation Center, St. John’s WorkPartners and Industrial Physical Therapy are only a few facilities. The area also encompasses several massage therapists and chiropractors for those requiring such care.

In addition to these comprehensive medical facilities are a wide array of practices, including family practice, dental, optometry and much more, each promoting the health and welfare of the city of Carthage.

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