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Archaeological records inform us that well over 300 years ago more than 20 well-known tribes inhabited the present-day Cities of Crestwood and Sunset Hills. Areas along the Meramec River in the Minnie Ha Ha and Tapawingo areas were abundant in bird and wildlife. Records dating back to the late 1700s confirm tribes settled in this area as a result of the existence of two major salt springs. The Indians learned how to separate the salt from the water and the area was rich in rocks, which were suitable for tools and weapons.


A resident that grew up in the area told of trading milk and butter for a cup of salt in the early 1900s. This territory remained occupied by Native Americans until France took possession of it in 1682 as part of the French Territory of Louisiana. After the French, the Spanish took over and set up courts with Syndics (judges) for settling disputes. Daniel Boone was a syndic north of the Missouri River.

Early settlers included Scotch Irish, French, and Germans. The German immigrants compared the area to their homeland. One of the earliest known landowners and settlers in the Crestwood area was the Sappington family. Thomas Sappington and MaryAnn Kinkade obtained the first marriage license issued in the region in 1807. German brewing families also settled in the area at the time and contributed greatly. August Busch I paid to have Gravois Road blacktopped from the brewery all the way out to the Meramec River. The Anheuser, Griesedieck, Lemp and Busch families built large lovely estates that still grace the area today.

In 1947, a group of concerned citizens successfully petitioned the court to incorporate Crestwood as a Village. Just two years later, an election was held that declared the Village a fourth-class city; a designation the City still holds to this today.

The City of Sunset Hills was officially launched 10 years after Crestwood, and like Crestwood has a rich Native American heritage. Judge Joseph Sale farmed land in what is now Sunset Hills through the 1800s and he tells of finding teeth, bones, potsherds and flint artifacts. In 1957, the City of Sunset Hills was incorporated as a fourth-class city by St. Louis County, and held its first election in 1958.

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