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Business and Industry

Business and Industry

Jefferson City is proud to support a thriving business community. The city’s central location in both the state of Missouri and the greater United States is a great asset to its economy. Travel, transport and trade with the rest of the state and country are made quick and easy by the central location and its excellent highway and public transportation systems, making Jefferson City a prime location for corporate headquarters and any other business looking to be well-connected with the entire state and country.

Jefferson City’s economy has a strong and diverse workforce. The attractive Midwestern lifestyle coupled with generally low housing prices attracts many individuals and families to the area, and the outstanding education system prepares students for a variety of careers. These components lead to a skilled labor force in a variety of fields including government, industry, manufacturing, healthcare, education, finance and more.

The Jefferson City and Cole County governments and the Chamber of Commerce are very supportive of new and small businesses. The Chamber provides a range of resources for small business owners and those looking to start their own business. Please visit the Chamber website at for more information about these excellent resources.

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