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The Lakes

Lake Saint Louis, the larger of the two lakes, is 550 acres and Lake Saint Louise is 75 acres.

Together they offer 18 miles of shoreline and 13 marinas providing boat dock facilities for residents. Private docks abound along the lakefront properties. Water sports are an important part of community life – from water skiing to sailing to pontooning, and boating of all kinds.

Our Ski Club gives participants a chance to display their skills in the Annual Fourth of July Ski Show. Skiers of all ages prepare exciting routines which delight growing crowds each year. Residents and guests gather at the west end of the lake to view the show.

The season for sailing brings out a variety of craft in abundance. Brightly colored sails against a wooded backdrop paint a memorable picture from April through October. Weekend races held by Sailing Club members provide ample opportunities to test sailing skills. The Pontooneers Organization, a group of boating enthusiasts, sponsors the annual Blessing of the Fleet each Memorial Day and participates in the spring lake clean-up.

Lake Saint Louis has also served as host city for the U.S. Olympic Festival, being an ideal venue for the rowing competition with its outstanding viewing areas and docking facilities.

Fishing for many is an ideal way to relax after a long day at work and a challenge for the avid angler seeking “the big one.” From the shore or by boat, fishermen catch a variety of fish including channel cat, blue cat, bass and crappie. The Anglers Organization holds an annual fishing derby which raises funds to restock our lakes. Wildlife abounds, and the lakes are a natural habitat for Canada geese and a variety of other waterfowl.

In winter, when the lake freezes over, ice skating and hockey are popular pastimes for many residents.

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