Many recreation opportunities are available in Maryland Heights. St. Louis County operates Creve Coeur Park, one of the region’s most popular parks. Once a popular summer resort in the early 1900s, this 320-acre lake is now known for its paved walking and cycling trail, playground equipment, picnic pavilions, boating opportunities, athletic fields and much more.

Other area parks include Vago Community Park, Eise Memorial Park and Quite Hollow Park. Aquaport is an 8,000-square foot aquatic park that features a 740-foot lazy river, five water slides, fountains and more.

Sportport is another recreational facility. Serving Maryland Heights citizens, community organizations and the region, Sportport offers soccer programs designed to help children and families grow through individual skill development and team sports.

Creve Coeur Park & The Legend of the Indian Princess Ghost
In addition to being one of the area’s most popular recreation areas, Creve Coeur Park is said to be the site of the tragic death of the lovelorn Indian princess.

One legend says that the princess was heartbroken over the death of her husband, and jumped off the top of the cliff (which is at the entrance of the park). Now, the water falling from the cliff comes only in little drops, like tears, and the lake at the bottom reshaped itself in the form of a broken heart (Creve Coeur is French for “broken heart”). It’s said that you can hear a woman cry, and — during full moons — you can see a ghostly woman at the top of the cliff.


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