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BELLEFONTAINE NEIGHBORS is a 4th Class City composed of four Wards, with each Ward consisting of two Aldermen elected in alternate years. The Mayor is a full-time position. Fire services are provided by the Riverview Fire District and the Police Department has 30 employees.

BERKELEY is a 1st Class City with a City Manager/Council form of government containing five Wards, each with one Councilperson. A Council at Large serves the entire city with the Mayor and conducts meetings in his/her absence. Terms for all are four years. The Mayor is considered the ceremonial representative and signs legal documents for the City. The City Manager is a hired position who is charged with making recommendations to the Council and managing implementation of new bills and ordinances. The City has its own fire department and an active police department.

COOL VALLEY is bounded by Berkeley on the west, Normandy on the east, Ferguson on the north and Bellrive and an unincorporated area on the south. Interstate 70 is its major access. The City Hall is small, but has a full complement of employees. It has its own police department, but pays Normandy for the Fire Safety Service.

DELLWOOD operates as a 4th Class City with four Wards, each Ward having two Aldermen, which alternate elections. The Mayor has the tie-breaking vote. The Moline Fire District and the Black Jack Fire District supply the fire safety services. Its police department has 17 employees, including the chief.

FERGUSON is a Charter City, which has three Wards with two councilpersons per Ward serving two-year terms. The Mayor is elected for a three-year term and is the ceremonial representative who also signs all legal documents on behalf of Ferguson. A City Manager is employed by the Council to handle administrative affairs. Ferguson has its own fire department of 24 employees and 76 police employees.

JENNINGS is a 3rd Class City with four Wards and a Mayor. The Mayor serves full-time and is the administrator of the city and two Councilpeople per Ward are elected for two-year terms. With this form of government, the Mayor does have veto power. Jennings has its own fire department, while 17 law enforcement employees constitute its police department.

MOLINE ACRES is a 4th Class City. It is divided into two Wards, each with two Aldermen. The Mayor presides over meetings and has a tie-breaking vote. Two Fire Districts, Riverview and Moline, serve Moline Acres’ needs and 22 employees maintain its police service, plus four certified reserve officers.

VILLAGE OF RIVERVIEW has four Trustees and a Chairman. It’s primarily a residential setting. The Riverview Fire District provides fire protection, while 10 law enforcement employees provide police protection.

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