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Business and Industry

From small, privately owned firms to international conglomerates, North County has an impressive combination of business and industry. A balanced economy fittingly ensures low unemployment rates and high expansion rates. With a highly educated workforce, growth and advances in technology are steadily on the rise. The University of Missouri-St. Louis is currently investing over $120 million into their campus, including a Performing Arts Center. Also, St. Louis Community College is developing a new biotech program and an Advanced Manufacturing Center for technology training.

New businesses and industrial parks are being considered and built in and around the county, creating a plethora of opportunities for any business. Earth City and Park 370 are two of the area’s largest business parks, with Earth City employing more than 17,000 workers and containing more than 11 million square feet of commercial and warehouse space.

Some of the major employers of North County are Mississippi Valley Equipment Co., Valtec Hydraulics, Wyeth, Emerson and Stout Industry. All are scattered around the several trade routes that the county has to offer. Air, road and water traffic support the emergence and stabilization of these and other companies.

Local businesses are thriving just as much as international companies. Sales numbers have doubled initial projections at American Eagle, which opened a store in 2000 at Jamestown Mall. North County also boasts five out of the top 25 automobile dealerships in the entire St. Louis area. The Krispy Kreme donut shop in Ferguson and Outback Steakhouse both have the second-highest sales volume in the nation for their respective companies.

Due to luck or strategic planning, few places in the nation can compete with the location of North County’s business and industry. Equidistant to America’s coastal and international borders, the opportunity to import and export anywhere in the country is easily reached. Major cities often lack a river to ship goods, an intricate highway system or the proximity of a major airport, yet North County has each amenity within arm’s reach and flourishes as a result.

One of the most important assets to the local economy is Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. As the nation’s 14th busiest airport, it has a huge impact on the county’s business as they are currently constructing a $1.1 billion runway expansion and applying more than double that figure on other projects throughout the county.

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