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Location and Transportation

Located a few miles north of St. Louis are the communities that form North County.

The area is fortunate to have five interstate highways within close proximity, making travel within the North County area convenient and easy. The St. Louis “suburban loop,” a 20-mile radius around the city, is formed by Interstate 270. Residents often use this highway in connection with more direct routes into the city, around the state or across the Mississippi into Illinois.

Bridging the northern suburbs with the western suburbs is I-170, which vertically adjoins I-270, I-70 and I-64. Interstates 70 and 64 will take one into downtown St. Louis or to roads leading into and around the rest of Missouri. Leading into the south side of St. Louis are Interstates 44 and 55. Just a five-hour drive north on I-55 will guide one to Chicago and a three-hour trip west will lead one to Springfield.

The Mississippi River, the longest in America, lies just a few miles east of North County. It provides yet another form of transportation for eastern Missouri. With the Missouri River just north of the area, the Greater St. Louis area could be considered the heart of America. With these two rivers acting as major arteries for the freight and shipping industry, the area has maintained its position as a leader in the barge service trade.

This area is a prime spot for product manufacturing, thanks in large part to the 10 local freight forwarders that utilize the Customs Service and the easy export possibilities to move products from North County to other countries, such as China, Afghanistan, Turkey, Greece and France, to name a few.

For local travel, residents take advantage of the St. Louis Metro Link system, which services many commuters in North County. If the Metro is not close enough, there is the option of transferring from the rail to bus, making North County an easy access point for most needs. The Metro Link also provides a Call-a-Ride service, which delivers the elderly or handicapped to doctor’s appointments or treatments.

Nearby Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, statistically one of the busiest airports in the country, provides air travel to all parts of the world. The furthest community is just 10 miles away as the airport resides on the western edge of North County.

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