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Poplar Bluff is considered a micropolitan area, a new designation created by the Office of Management Budget. It is defined as an area that has a population of more than 10,000 but less than 50,000 and includes at least one county—in this case, Butler County.

These micropolitans are the regional economic and employment hubs of their areas and provide “big city” benefits on a manageable scale. They are large enough to attract jobs, restaurants and community organizations, but small enough to avoid most of the big city problems. There are currently 580 recognized micropolitan areas in the United States and 20 in the state of Missouri. Poplar Bluff is ranked 96th in the United States and 3rd in Missouri in economic output. Our trade area covers an eight-county region with a population of 175,000 people and produces $1.8 billion in annual retail sales, with $685 million of that coming from Butler County.

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Butler County is ranked 6th in the state of Missouri with a pull factor of 1.62. (For every $1 earned in Butler County, $1.62 is spent here.)

Poplar Bluff provides a business climate rivaled by few when it comes to opportunities and is poised to advance even further due to major expansions of Highway 67 going north to St. Louis and Highway 60 going east and west. We will truly be a crossroads of opportunity for any business or industry looking to locate operations in Poplar Bluff or Butler County. Some census bureau projections have Butler County growing to a population of 75,000 by the year 2015. With abundant recreational and educational opportunities and citizens willing to spend their money at our establishments, setting up shop in Poplar Bluff is an investment well spent.

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