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Poplar Bluff Community Introduction

Welcome to Poplar Bluff, Missouri, the county seat of Butler County and so much more.


The local population of nearly 17,000 is only half the picture when it comes to the city’s impact within the county and the surrounding area. Based on REMI model estimates, Poplar Bluff’s average daily population is almost 60,000, which is a major indicator of the area’s economy and prominence in the employment sector. Poplar Bluff is the regional hub for shopping and employment, not just within Butler County, but within an eight-county area that covers a network of 175,000 people. Poplar Bluff is truly the place to be.

Poplar Bluff is fortunate to have a multitude of fine cultural, recreational and historic treasures to check out while visiting. Even President Bush made a visit to Poplar Bluff in 2004 after an invitation with more than 10,000 signatures requested that he make a stop here. Poplar Bluff can also boast that writer and television producer Linda Bloodworth-Thomason calls this place home and continues to maintain a residence here. When it comes to cultural opportunities, Bloodworth-Thomason’s Claudia Foundation provides so much for the community and surrounding area. Three Rivers Community College is another center for cultural events. Add the recreational activities at Wappapello State Park, complete with 5,200 acres of fishing water, and the abundance of historical sites, and you have Poplar Bluff in all its splendor.


As you can imagine, Poplar Bluff has much to be proud of. Located in the southeastern part of Missouri, the city has the finest restaurants, specialty shops, golf courses and recreational opportunities that you might expect only in larger cities. The community’s media needs are met through the Daily American Republic newspaper, a six-day-a-week paper that is able to focus its efforts on predominately local stories while still reporting all the major national news. Their media coverage is just one example of their value; they also give much to the community. With many radio and regional television stations in the area, Poplar Bluff is never at a loss for news, music or entertainment.

Travelers are encouraged to visit Poplar Bluff and experience this wonderful community first-hand. For further information about the area, please visit the Poplar Bluff Chamber of Commerce Web site at You can bet that you’ll be welcomed with open arms, so prepare yourself for some (slightly) southern hospitality.

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