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Town and Country History


The City of Town & Country was incorporated in 1950 as a village, with a population of less than 1,000 residents.

Over time, it has developed into a large residential community for those who seek a rural lifestyle while maintaining a convenient drive from the City of St. Louis. In 1974, a motion was passed to change this village into a Fourth Class City under Missouri State statutes. Today nearly 11,000 residents call Town & Country home. It operates under the Mayor-Board of Alderman-City Administrator form of government.

The Board is comprised of the Mayor and eight members who are all part-time elected officials. Day-to-day responsibility for City operations is vested with the City Administrator.

The land owned by Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Wood was sold and the subdivision of Frontenac was developed. In 1947, the residents of the subdivisions of Frontenac Estates, Jaccard Lane and Clayton Terrace petitioned the County Court to become the Village of Frontenac.


This area consisted of 217 acres. An annexation in May of 1948 added an additional 967 acres as well as several undeveloped areas such as Villa Duchesne School, the Retreat House of the Cenacle and West End Park. Additional property was annexed from time to time, especially south of the original limits, where now the City extends as far south as the City of Huntleigh and comprises a total area of 1,944 acres.

On November 6, 1950, Frontenac voted to become a City of the Fourth Class.

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