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Like many Nebraska communities, Fremont’s economic roots are firmly planted in agriculture and agri-related businesses. The silhouettes of grain elevators still dot the skyline, but Fremont is also home to an expanding industrial sector, important logistics-transportation providers, tele-services and food processing. At a strategic location along the country’s great trails of the 19th century, including major railways and the Lincoln Highway, Fremont has long offered geographic advantages for manufacturers or producers of goods.

You’ll also find a diverse and growing system of professional service industries that broaden Fremont’s economic platform and add stability. For example, Fremont Area Medical Center is an award-winning regional medical center with more than 80 physicians practicing in 25 specialties and an array of supporting services. Dozens of other related businesses and their employees support this cutting-edge medical community and add value to Fremont’s economic foundation.

Small, locally owned businesses gave Fremont its start more than 150 years ago and they still drive the economy today. Its success comes from innovators and entrepreneurs who flourish in an environment rich with opportunity and resources. A supportive partner to businesses, the Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce advances a growth agenda that continues to attract new investment by today’s pathfinders.

The Greater Fremont Development Council (GFDC) is engaged in activities that support existing Fremont businesses and it also recruits new companies to fully developed commercial and industrial sites that GFDC owns or controls. The Fremont Area Chamber of Commerce is more than 600 members strong and has more than 1,100 active individuals. There are ample opportunities for newcomers to quickly get involved and make a difference.

With low-cost, municipally owned power, Fremont is also attracting the attention of data-intensive businesses who appreciate the city’s convenient proximity to the Omaha metro and all of its cultural and recreational advantages. Yet Fremont retains its own distinct identity and offers a lifestyle on a more livable scale, which both families and business owners appreciate.

With a pool of thousands of available workers, Omaha’s western boundaries are an easy 20-minute drive on four-lane US 275. Eppley Airfield’s 90+ daily flights to dozens of locations is only 35 minutes away. In Fremont, you are well connected to every place that’s important by air, interstate or rail. So, the bottom line is: Fremont is a terrific investment for your business, for your family.

Agriculture is the new cutting-edge technology. Some of the trappings may look familiar, but beneath the surface, figuratively and quite literally, everything about “ag” is changing. By using enhanced genetics programs, computerized record keeping, planned crossbreeding systems and better health regimens, today's producers in Fremont and Dodge County provide products to meet both industry and consumer demands.

Fremont farmers are at the forefront of incorporating techniques that improve yields and preserve natural resources – they have long been viewed as innovators who establish or embrace best practices for the industry.

With 90 percent of its land area devoted to agriculture production, it’s not surprising that the Fremont area generates significant cash sales from production farming and livestock operations. In fact, owing to its fertile upland and river bottom soils, Dodge County supports about 300,000 acres of corn and soybean production annually, including a robust seed production industry. And Dodge County typically has more than 100,000 head of livestock either in pastures or in confinement operations.

Nearly half of the county’s production farmland is irrigated by center pivot sprinkler systems, which provide unrivaled crop security and predictability. Historically, Fremont’s ag-sector levels the economic swings that often plague other parts of the country.

Dodge County is consistently one of Nebraska’s top producers. Cash receipts from all farm commodities in Nebraska exceeded $15.3 billion in 2009, fourth-largest among all 50 states. Commodities produced in Dodge County’s countryside are often processed into food or other value-added products by ag-related industries in Fremont or nearby cities in Nebraska.

Fremont is home to commodity processors Hormel (the maker of SPAM), Fremont Beef, Natura Pet Products, ADM, Land-O-Lakes and Horizon Biofuels, to name a few. Other ag-related manufacturers include Komet Irrigation Corporation and Valmont Industries, in nearby Valley, both of which produce sophisticated irrigation systems. Fremont’s agricultural output helps meet rapidly growing global demand for food, fiber and fuel. Put another way, we help feed, clothe and power the world. More than 70 companies have engaged in manufacturing, employing more than 3,500 people.

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