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Keith County’s agricultural production, people and water are the foundation of our hospitable county. We have a work ethic second to none. Our clean air and good water also keeps Keith County on the upper end of the “good clean living” scale. Add to that our friendly people, and you will find Keith County a place you would love to call home.

Our terrain ranges from level to rolling hills. The river valley to the tableland has everything from silt to sand. Keith County borders the famous Nebraska Sandhills to the north. Keith County contains both natural grassland along with dry land and irrigated farmland. Our average annual rainfall is 18.5 inches. Our temperatures range from below zero (Fahrenheit) in our winter months to highs above the century mark in the summer months.


However, our normal ranges would see a mean average in January of 24° and July at 90° Fahrenheit. Although our semi-arid weather would not normally be conducive to raising consistently large crops, Keith County sits over the Ogallala Aquifer. The Aquifer, along with help from the South Platte River via a canal system, allows farmers to irrigate and raise big yields and excellent quality crops.

Keith County has 478 farms that average 1,460 acres. The average agricultural products sold per farm is $357,112.


The latest total of cattle/calves in Keith County is 54,624 head. Marketing outlets are provided by Farmers Cooperative Association (FCA), and three of the county’s largest feedlots: Twin Valley Feeders, Northwest Cattle Feeders and Spurgin, Inc. Several smaller lots contribute to the total number of cattle being fed. For the past 55 years, the Ogallala Livestock Auction Market has provided local marketing services through regular sales each Wednesday. Special sales are held on Thursdays and Saturdays as advertised. Video marketing is also available.

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