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Located in the heart of the heartland, Nebraska is home to a strong free-market system. As a result, Nebraska is also home to some of America’s leading businesses and industries – from Internet and computer technology, advanced manufacturing, agribusiness and business services, to insurance, transportation, health care and biosciences.

Over the decades, Nebraska’s business leaders, chambers of commerce, and policymakers have worked hard to improve our state’s economic competitiveness and diversify our economy. In recent years, Nebraska has become recognized nationally and globally for its pro-business climate.

Fueled by a dedicated and talented workforce, Nebraska boasts one of the very lowest jobless rates in the United States. A strong entrepreneurial spirit resides here, as small businesses remain a key component to the state’s overall well-being.

At the same time, Nebraska’s business community is bolstered with the presence of national and international headquarters of many well-known names, including several Fortune 1000 companies such as Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific Corporation, Peter Kiewit Sons, TD Ameritrade, West Corporation, Werner Enterprises, Valmont Industries, Green Plains Renewable Energy, and Mutual of Omaha.

It’s no wonder that Pollina Corporate Real Estate and Forbes magazine recently ranked Nebraska as the No. 2 and No. 3 state, respectively, in their best states for business comparisons. When considering factors such as business costs, labor, regulations, legal climate, economic climate and quality of life, Nebraska has few peers. According to Forbes, Nebraska is extremely competitive in the areas of regulatory environment, quality of life and overall business costs – which include labor and energy. Pollina gives Nebraska high marks for its economic development tools.

Nebraska’s Business Incentives
The Nebraska Chamber has worked hard to improve the state’s competitiveness. A key factor for Nebraska’s solid standing in many rankings is the Nebraska Advantage Act – the state’s largest pro-business incentives program.

Since its implementation in 2006, the Nebraska Advantage Act has played a role in creating 11,898 jobs and $5.9 billion in capital investments. Also since 2006, Nebraska has maintained one of the lowest jobless rates in the nation, while the state GDP has exceeded the U.S. average. It’s important to note that Nebraska’s business incentives are not just for large companies. In fact, of the 535 businesses that have applied for Nebraska Advantage incentives, approximately 75 percent of them had fewer than 100 employees – and many of those businesses had 30 or fewer workers and were located in rural areas.

To learn more about the Nebraska Advantage incentives program, visit

Recently, the Cornhusker State implemented another unique program to improve its workforce and retain its young people. The Intern Nebraska (InternNE) program – administered by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (DED) – provides financial assistance to businesses that create new internships. Interns obtain valuable experience, while businesses develop future employees. Research shows that more than 50 percent of interns go on to become full-time employees at their place of internship, so internships help ensure that communities and businesses grow.

For a description of InternNE’s rules and requirements, contact DED at (402) 471-1559 or or visit

In tough financial times, Nebraska – a fiscally conservative state – has remained stable and financially solvent. Policymakers continue to place high importance on controlling state spending, building up the state’s cash reserves, balancing budgets and creating financial incentives to encourage more economic growth.

All of this has led to Nebraska becoming an even better place to do business.

Nebraska Rankings

No. 1 Employment Leaders Study (Business Facilities, 2015)

2nd Best State Fiscal Solvency
(George Mason University, 2016)

2nd Best Top 10 Pro-Business States
(Pollina Corporate Real Estate, 2015)

3rd Best Top States For Millennials
(, 2016)

3rd Best Best States For Business
(Forbes, 2015)

3rd Best – Legal Climate
(U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, 2015)

3rd Best – Best State Job Markets & Hiring Climates
(Gallup, 2015)

4th Best – Combined Business
Climate Rankings
(Ball State University, 2016)

5th Best – Business Incentives & Economic Development (Pollina, 2015)

6th Best – America’s Happiest States (, 2015)

7th Best – Overall Economic Freedom
(Fraser Institute, 2015)

7th Best – Well-Being Index
(Gallup-Healthways, 2015)

7th Best – Business Friendly Regulations
(CNBC, 2016)

9th Best – Best Business Climates
(Business Facilities, 2015)

9th Best – Best States in Which to Retire
(Forbes, 2015)

9th Best – States for Growth & Innovation
(U.S. Chamber, 2015)

9th Best – Education System
(CNBC, 2016)

10th Best – America’s Health Rankings
(United Health Foundation, 2015)

10th Best – Retail Electricity Price for Residential Users
(U.S. Dept. of Energy, 2015)

10th Best – Best States in Which to Retire
(, 2016)

11th Best – Best States for Purchasing Power
(24/7 Wall St., 2016)

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