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Chairman's Letter

Dear Chamber Member:

It is an honor to chair the state’s leading business organization. The 2016 election definitely brought some surprises. It also presents some great opportunities for businesses to grow. This year will certainly be interesting and a time for change.

The Nebraska Chamber has always provided solid leadership for the business community; it is the only statewide association that truly represents the business perspective.
As a Nebraska Chamber member, you should be proud to be part of an organization that is a respected, powerful voice at the state capitol.

With a membership that includes businesses of all sizes and types – and members in more than 150 communities – the State Chamber is in its 105th year of representing Nebraska’s business interests. The Chamber’s overriding goal is to ensure a more business-friendly climate, including in the areas of taxes, labor law, infrastructure, economic development and workforce.

The Chamber works hard to ensure the business perspective is always considered by state policymakers. That’s especially important in this era of term limits.

As vice president and general manager of NUCOR Steel in Norfolk, I have seen firsthand how effective the Nebraska Chamber is in its advocacy. While businesses will perpetually face challenges, you can focus on your operations knowing that the State Chamber is working overtime to promote job creation, business growth, and better opportunities for all Nebraskans.

Thanks to your membership and engagement, the State Chamber has helped make Nebraska more competitive, nationally and globally. Consider the following:

• National business voices – including Forbes magazine, CNBC and Pollina Corporate Real Estate – have ranked Nebraska as one of the best states overall for doing business.

• Nebraska’s cost-of-business – which includes utilities, labor expenses and real estate – is consistently recognized as one of America’s lowest.

• The U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform has praised Nebraska for having the nation’s third-best legal environment for business activity.

• Nebraska is one of the best five states for business incentives and economic development, according to Pollina Corporate Real Estate.

A long list of recent pro-business accomplishments and an improved business climate reflect the hard work of your Nebraska Chamber. But we are not relying on past success. Each new legislative session brings different opportunities and challenges to make our “good life” even better.

In addition to its work at the legislature, the State Chamber’s Vision Nebraska initiative will help identify proactive strategies to improve Nebraska’s competitiveness well into the future. The Chamber’s Leadership Nebraska program will continue to prepare leaders for our communities and state. And the Chamber’s affiliation with the U.S. Chamber and National Association of Manufacturers will help our members stay informed on federal activities.

Again, let me say thank you for your membership and participation. The State Chamber is counting on the continued support and involvement of members like you to ensure the future success of Nebraska’s business community.

I very much look forward to working with you and our State Chamber professional staff. Together, we will make our state and our businesses stronger.

Dirk A. Petersen

Vice President & General Manager
NUCOR Steel, Division of NUCOR Corp.
2017 State Chamber Chairman


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