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The Nebraska Chamber Means Business

The Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry is the largest statewide business association. Put simply, we exist to make Nebraska an even better place to do business.

We are headquartered half-a-block west of the State Capitol. Our most important activity is representing Nebraska’s business community and free-market principles at the Nebraska Legislature.

We have four full-time registered lobbyists who represent the business community’s perspective on a daily basis when the Legislature is in session. We communicate with state senators; testify before legislative committees; and monitor activity on the unicameral floor and in committees.

We track between 250 and 400 bills each session. We take positions on bills that would impact the business community. And we keep in touch with our members to let them know how proposed legislation could impact them.

Over the past decade, the State Chamber has also become much more active in monitoring federal activities. The Nebraska Chamber is the state affiliate of two national organizations: the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers.

The Nebraska Chamber Board of Directors and its elected officers set the association’s policies, but only after weighing input from the Chamber’s 12 major policy councils. These include the councils on economic development, education, health care, innovation and technology, labor relations, small business and taxation.

Generally speaking, the State Chamber follows issues and legislation addressing five key areas: Economic development; workforce; job creation and business investment; taxes; labor law and other regulations facing employers.

By being a leader in these areas, the Nebraska Chamber works on behalf of its members, which includes businesses of all sizes and sectors, as well as local chambers of commerce and their communities.

When necessary, the State Chamber will get involved in other issues – such as education, natural resources, agri-business and transportation – when there is a potential impact to the general business community.

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