Norfolk Shopping and Dining

main street

Norfolk’s size and location make it an excellent retail hub for the 100,000 people living in Northeast Nebraska. In fact, wholesale and retail trade comprises the largest category of employment in Madison County. So most residents are not surprised to find luxuries as well as necessities at their fingertips when they shop the central business district, our 330,000-square-foot mall and dozens of smaller, strategically located strip centers. At last count, Norfolk supported 248 retail firms that earned more than $385 million in taxable sales.

Look for antiques, specialty clothing and gifts among the 100 shops that make up “The Avenue” shopping district in downtown Norfolk. Sunset Plaza’s enclosed mall space offers residents a chance to shop the name brands.

And when it is mealtime, everyone looks forward to trying something new in Norfolk’s healthy selection of restaurants. Here you can find everything from authentic burritos stuffed with meat, cheese and spices to loaded pizzas and juicy steaks famous throughout the United States for their tenderness and flavor. Do not forget dessert: Our diners and cafes serve up the flakiest, sweetest and the most decadent desserts in the state.

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