Norfolk Welcome

Johnny Carson

You will not be in town long before someone mentions that Norfolk, Nebraska is the proud home of the late Johnny Carson or that Thurl Ravenscroft (the voice for Tony the Tiger) also called Norfolk home. We also count Orville Carlisle, a model rocket system inventor, among our elite.

But a town as successful as Norfolk does not rely on celebrity to fuel its future. It is ordinary citizens who make us the stand-out small community in northeast Nebraska - a place where families enjoy a range of career and lifestyle opportunities that reflect a healthy balance. A spot where tolerance thrives and diversity is welcomed. A hub that guarantees a piece of the action for everyone; whether you seek recreation, culture or night-life.

In other words, Norfolk is a part of the Midwest you want to call home.

On behalf of the Norfolk Area Chamber of Commerce and all of our business partners, service clubs and educational endeavors that comprise this wonderful community, we welcome you to the freedom you will find in our wide-open spaces.

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