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Omaha Proud

Some of our friends on the coasts still don’t understand why we are so Omaha proud. We’ll admit it’s tough to catch a decent wave here or ski a majestic mountain peak. But, here’s where our dynamism shines. Instead of ocean breakers, we ride waves of positive economic news: a low unemployment rate, a stable housing market and a cost of living far below the national average. And, in lieu of giant mountains, we look up to our giants of industry, Fortune 500 companies including Berkshire Hathaway, Union Pacific, ConAgra Foods, Kiewit and Mutual of Omaha.

Our financial institutions are strong in Omaha; our infrastructure solid and reliable. Young professionals are embraced here, encouraged and cultivated, and entrepreneurs find fertile, pro-business ground for growth and innovation. California has the Silicon Valley; we have the burgeoning silicon prairie, populated by tech titans like Yahoo!, PayPal, Verizon and Google in neighboring Council Bluffs, Iowa. Our skilled workforce, low power rates and generous business incentives helped draw them in; our central location, easily accessible by air, rail, interstate and river, only strengthened the attraction.

Our school districts are award-winning and inventive; our religious landscape is as diverse as our economy and our visual and performing arts scene is blossoming beautifully. Bold vision is rewarded in Omaha—the type of bold vision that, in 1898, compelled a young city to host the grandiose Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition. We issued an invitation to the world and with it a message: We are here. We are Omaha. We are ready to make a splash. One-hundred-ten years later, that spirit led to another global invitation and another epic splash when we hosted the 2008 U.S. Olympic swim trials. (The event was such a success we’re going to host it again in 2012.) We are Omaha—and our character is captured in the pages of this magazine.

Welcome to the 2010 edition of OMAHA: Extraordinary Opportunities. This publication shares the stories of businesses, organizations, institutions and neighbors who have achieved success in and positively impacted our remarkable community, a thriving metropolitan area that is fully three-dimensional: firmly rooted in our past, flourishing in our present and energized about our future. We invite you to give this magazine—and Greater Omaha—a close look and discover for yourselves why we are and always have been so Omaha proud!

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