Beautiful Trees, Amazing Neighborhoods

Seward is an officially designated Tree City U.S.A., and has an active city Tree Board. Many Seward blocks sport row after row of ash, elm, hackberry, maple, oak and cottonwood. High summer is green, lush and hushed under their canopies in the majority of Seward’s older neighborhoods.

At the turn of the century, wealthy Seward businessmen built some of the first houses in the county, many of lavish proportions. Built in the Queen Ann style in 1889, the Harry T. Jones house has wraparound porches, turrets, classical pillars and ornamental latticework. The Zimmerer Mansion is the original early 1900s home of entrepreneur John Zimmerer and his wife Philomena. The Jacobethan Revival style home displays a steeply pitched roof, three chimneys, parapets, gables and canopies. Throughout its history, the mansion was a Catholic chapel and a hospital. Today, it houses several apartments. Both homes are on the National Register of Historic Places.

Seward’s home styles today range from bungalow to luxury. Between 2002 and 2004, around 130 new homes were built. The average cost of new home construction during the past five years was $110 per square foot. The median home price is around $110,000.

Monthly home rental fees in Seward range from $375 to $750. It is estimated that 75 percent of Seward’s nearly 3,000 homes are owner-occupied.

Seward has two assisted living facilities with a total of 70 units. It also has eight low-cost or retirement housing facilities.


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