imageBlair Community School District covers 142 square miles in Washington County’s northeast corner. With classrooms for students in grades K-12, enrollment is approaching 2,500. The district is among Nebraska’s largest and, with an AA grade, holds the highest accreditation the Nebraska State Department of Education offers.

The district educates its students in six schools: three elementary, two middle and one high school. North, West and South grade schools are positioned conveniently around the community to allow for fast, safe transportation for younger children. Arbor Park and Gerald Otte middle schools prepare kids for life at Blair Senior High School, which, in turn, has one of the most outstanding college placement reputations in the state. Students score an average of 23.5 on the ACT, nearly a full point higher than the state average and well above the national average of 21.8.

Also operating in Washington County are Fort Calhoun Community Schools and Arlington Schools. Both systems have been acclaimed for providing a progressive education that remains rooted in the fundamentals essential to any fulfilling educational experience. Every student enrolls in a curriculum of social studies, mathematics, language arts and science. Students are also offered a variety of electives throughout the years that enable them to explore talents and capabilities that extend beyond the basics: fine arts, physical education and computer courses are among the courses popular with Washington County’s students.

In keeping with the belief that learning only begins in the classroom, each school in Washington County offers a full range of extracurricular activities and encourages students to participate in organized functions before, during and after school hours. Student government, athletics, debate and a number of clubs, teams and organizations are mainstays of the Washington County experience and ensure all students the opportunity to be involved in fun, social functions outside the classroom.

Higher education options are plentiful in and around Washington County. Dana College is located on the hills overlooking Blair and offers bachelor’s degrees in 37 academic areas. The college maintains close ties with the Blair business community to ensure that students are best prepared for life in the community following graduation. Also popular among the area’s high school graduates, in addition to being close to the city are: University of Nebraska-Omaha, Creighton University, Midland Lutheran College, Bellevue College, Grace University, Methodist School of Nursing, University of Nebraska Medical Center, College of St. Mary’s, Clarkson College, and Nebraska Methodist College.


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