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Green Economics

Green Economics

No executive can afford to ignore the green wave sweeping the business world.”

– Chad Holliday, ECO DuPont

The Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber developed the Green South Shore Initiative to provide Chamber members and the community with a vision to aspire to. Going “green” is good business.

Every human desires a richer, fuller and more abundant life. Increasingly, we desire to live and work in places that offer the best quality of life. Lifestyle matters. Tahoe rarely seems frantic. We soak in the stunning scenery and jaw-dropping vistas of this place we are lucky enough to share. These experiences are the common threads that draw visitors here and connect us to this place.

Besides its amazing natural beauty, Tahoe is a recreational paradise. The Tahoe Basin is an unparalleled four seasons playground. Endless summer activities and the largest concentration of ski resorts in America are set against a backdrop of towering pines and crystalline blue waters, making Tahoe the most valued of places.

The Basin relies on tourism for its economic stability. According to a University of California Extension, January 2007 report, Tahoe receives 23 million visitor-days per year. Why do visitors choose Tahoe? How do we ensure that visitors continue to choose us?

There exists an inextricable link between environmental quality, quality of life and economic success. We care about people, the planet and our ability to survive and thrive. How do we protect environmental quality while creating a vibrant economy to ensure a sustainable future? We want to help local businesses to view sustainability not as philanthropic, but as savvy and essential resource management. We can ensure that residents and visitors remain loyal by focusing on environmental business innovation and entrepreneurship and by making green business a part of business as usual in our hospitality, recreation and service industries. Using environmental strategy to innovate and create value builds competitive advantage. Competitive advantage leads to prosperity and a better life for all.

environmental quality

The purpose of business is to provide value in the marketplace. Value in the marketplace crushes the competition and leads to financial success. Tahoe is in the “feel good” business. We give people a place to escape, a place to experience nature and experiences they don’t get as part of their everyday lives. The air is cleaner, the scenery spectacular, and they get to play outdoors. Feeling good is the base product we provide. We must protect these assets in order to thrive. If the environment is tied to our economic success, we have a responsibility to improve our businesses in an environmentally sensitive world.

Businesses are facing an almost unavoidable array of environmentally driven issues. Like any revolution, the “green wave” forces us to question the way things have always been done. Those who find solutions to these challenges will lead the competitive pack. Demands reshape markets and generate vast opportunities for those prepared to respond. Our challenge is to engage each visitor with our environment, our culture, our heritage, and our love of the outdoors. We encourage you to view sustainability as a benefit to help us build better business, better life and a better world!

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