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As IT companies, location neutral and home-based businesses continue to grow and help to diversify our local economy and have the need for improved technology. There has been a growing recognition of the importance of this infrastructure by both county and city agencies in partnership with the providers. The list below was accurate at time of press but will most certainly have evolved by the time you read this. Be sure to check for updated information at

The Chamber has been working in collaboration with the NNDA in developing a business support (IT @ LT) group for IT and location neutral businesses in order to continue to ensure that we are providing necessary services in order to support and grow this segment of the economy.


Sierra Pacific Gas & Electric
CA (800) 962-4167
NV (800) 962-0402


Southwest Gas
(800) 832-2555


Charter Communications
(866) 731-5420

(866) 722-9246

Garbage CA & NV

South Tahoe Refuse
(530) 541-5105


City of South Lake Tahoe
(530) 544-6474

Tahoe Keys
(530) 542-6444

Round Hill
(775) 588-2571

(775) 588-3548

Tahoe Douglas District
(775) 588-5641

Internet Services

Wireless for NV and CA offered by Verizon in most areas
(800) 256-4646

Broadband offered in a very small area in NV by Verizon
(800) 483-4000

Charter Communications offers cable Internet service in most areas — (866) 731-5420

Floppys offers dial-up for most areas
(530) 541-3737

AT&T offers Dish Network Internet in CA and NV
(866) 722-9246

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