graphicThanks to its location, Chatham has the distinction of being one of the country's first commuter towns. For a century, families have been able to live in "the country" and easily ride the train to work each morning, allowing Chatham to continue to retain its suburban status. Earlier architecture incorporated the Gothic Revival, Italianate, and other Romantic Revival styles.

By the 1890s, wealthy New Yorkers moved in, building themselves elegant mansions on estates that were once working farms. Growth continued steadily until the post-war boom of the 1950's, when housing developments sprang up, creating new and more affordable homes. Since the 1980's, new construction continues to offer people a variety of housing choices, with efforts being made simultaneously to promote open space for both active and passive recreation. Depending upon individual lifestyles, residents may choose from single-family homes, townhouses, garden apartments, and condominiums. graphic

Single, detached homes make up most of the housing and are available in all areas. Home styles and prices vary. The town's largest homes often exceed $1,000,000, with average homes ranging between $400,000 and $700,000. Colonial-style homes are popular, varying from center hall colonial, to colonial farmhouse, to manor colonial and colonial split level. Other popular styles are Cape Cods and new construction. Area realtors are available to assist all buyers, helping families find the best-suited location for their lifestyles. People may choose a home in town and near the commuter train, or south and west of town, where a number of charming housing developments have been constructed.

Realtors can give up-to-date community information, answering any family or business concerns. Many realtors may also recommend reliable companies to help move belongings into a new home at competitive rates. Rental specialists are also available to help relocating families find temporary living accommodations until more permanent arrangements can be made.


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