graphicThe central business district is an attractive center for local shopping and community activity. A number of new stores and services have moved into town, complementing the already popular Chatham shopping area. Furthermore, some of the established merchants have expanded their facilities by renovating several of the older buildings in the shopping district. Being part of a community is important to Chatham merchants.

The Chatham Area Chamber of Commerce offers merchants and residents opportunities to interact. Examples include the Annual Halloween Parade, the Annual Circus, and Family Fun Days, all of which are sponsored by the Chamber's Community Outreach Committee. Glancing through the Chatham Area Chamber of Commerce Business Directory, shoppers can see that businesses and services meet the needs of the community.

Antique and gift shops, an ice cream parlor, a café, restaurants, grocery and specialty food stores, beauty salons, book stores, art galleries, sporting goods stores, auto supplies, gas stations, home and garden improvement centers, jewelry stores, party supply stores, dance and karate studios, health clubs, a bike store, a dressmaker, a phone store, home decorating and design specialists, florists, a needlework store, pharmacies, clothing and accessory stores, toy stores, and hardware stores are all conveniently located businesses.

graphicService based businesses include financial planning, investment advice, consultants, veterinary medicine, real estate, assisted living, promotions and advertising, banking, legal, cleaning, roofing and paving, auto repair and maintenance, landscaping, healthcare, funeral, engineering, accounting, architect, printers, photography, mailing, equipment and party rental, catering, and education and child care centers. Shopping in Chatham's scenic surroundings is both pleasurable and worthwhile, but in those rare instances when further exploring is needed, Chatham is located just a short distance from the Livingston Mall and The Mall at Short Hills. All members of the Chatham Area Chamber of Commerce are listed by category in our Business Directory.

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