Cranford, NJ Chamber of Commerce

Caring for our People

Cranford, NJ Chamber of Commerce

Within the boundaries of Cranford are two privately-owned nursing and convalescent centers, along with a national chain assisted living facility. Residents have access to five premier hospitals within a five-mile radius.

Fifty-two enforcement officers and 10 civilian communications officers, that maintain a state-of-the-art communications center, currently staff the Cranford Police Department.

The Cranford Fire Department is a paid department with anywhere from five to seven personnel on duty 24/7, utilizing three engines, one tower truck and a full-service rescue vehicle.

Both volunteers and the Police Department EMS provide the township’s first aid.

There are two senior housing buildings, which contain 232 apartments, and are managed by the Cranford Housing Board.


Cranford, NJ Chamber of Commerce

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