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The city of Elizabeth is at the center of an air, land and sea regional transportation network that is continuing to see upgrades during the city’s current boom in commerce.

Newark has long been on the forefront of aviation history. Opening in 1928, it is the nation’s oldest airfield and home to the nation’s first commercial airline terminal. In fact, in 1935, Amelia Earhart led the dedication of this landmark terminal building. (Only London’s Croydon Aerodrome predates the Newark terminal.) Located partly in Newark and partly in Elizabeth, Newark is located only 14 miles from Manhattan, serving a critical role for the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area. Newark Liberty continues to build on its heritage of innovation with leadership roles in congestion mitigation and the campaign for NextGen technology.

The Port Authority takes its role as a community leader very seriously. This includes everything from investing in the infrastructure that keeps the region moving to investing in the people and places that make it all work.

We work closely with communities and elected officials throughout the region on a variety of community-based initiatives. We continue to be a strong proponent of noise-abatement programs in local schools, a leader in the use of alternative-fueled vehicles and a major funder of the Council for Airport Opportunity and Air Service Development Office.

Each year, we host a number of educational and community events, which range from career days that help students explore aviation career opportunities to an annual 5K Run at Teterboro Airport. Many of our airport staff meet regularly with local community boards, participate in community forums and serve in community organizations during their spare time. We live here, too, and do all we can to make a difference.

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