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Lakewood Chamber of Commerce

No matter who you are, or what your business or profession, the Chamber of Commerce serves you. Every day of the year, it works to promote your best interests.

The Chamber of Commerce replies to scores of inquiries about Lakewood. It gives out information on the community and its businesses in a manner to create favorable impressions and build public esteem for our town, your business and you.

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is your representative at legislative hearings and budget sessions. It works for you against public waste and extravagance and supports all measures, which are good for you and your business and opposes those which are detrimental.

It seeks to procure the industries you want in your area and performs valuable services to existing industries; it endeavors to help create more payroll dollars for the community.

The Chamber sells your town, your product and your services to people everywhere and seeks to develop trade areas and create new markets; it also assists businesses and organizations when requested.

The Chamber of Commerce furnishes data to help in business performance. It obtains information and keeps you posted on developments affecting you and your business.

It seeks to promote safety in the community; to have clean and healthy business and living areas; to establish a liaison with all business units. The Chamber cooperates with police and fire departments and others necessary facilities for the overall improvement of our community. It wants the community to be a healthier and safer place for you, your family and your neighbors.

The Chamber is your “Good Will Ambassador”. It tells everyone, of Lakewood’s commercial, cultural and recreational facilities. It upholds the tradition of friendliness and hospitality and seeks to gain interest in shopping, visiting and the use of our numerous facilities.

The Chamber of Commerce is the central organization whose objective is to promote and perform for you and your business.

The Lakewood Chamber of Commerce is committed to improving the climate for business in Lakewood Township. We are a catalyst for change, improvement and cooperation among the business, environmental, governmental, educational and cultural communities, balancing the needs of all, preserving our community’s unique heritage and character.

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